Descriptive writing structure

Teaching students to follow a structure when being creative is something I try to avoid – the last thing I want to do is put a limit on their creativity.

However, there is a trend when students are marked on descriptive writing (like in section B of paper 1 of the AQA Language exam) for them to lose marks because they’re telling a story.

Sometimes these stories are interesting and worthwhile, but more often the story is prioritised over the description and a student’s mark suffers.

I’ve created these ‘descriptive writing structure strips’ to focus students’ paragraphs on a different part of the stimulus. This pulls them away from trying to tell me a story and simply focuses their writing on beautiful description.

Structure strip example 1

Structure strip example 2

There is, of course, a time for writing creative stories – but it is essential students can write descriptively when needed.

LR descriptive writing structure strip in Word

LR descriptive writing structure strip in PDF

Would you find this useful with your students?

How do you get students to structure interesting description using images as a stimulus?


Photo by Simeon Muller on Unsplash


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